Month: May 2014

On the Road Again….

Brian and I have been travelling this week. We started out in Illinois then crossed the Mississippi River at St. Louis into Missouri.

May302014a1 We drove through Missouri into Arkansas,


We continued on through Oklahoma,


And finally we drove into Texas, (which I just discovered is the detour here

Memorial Day


cropped-flag1 Memorial Day is a day to remember and pay honor to military personnel who have died in the service of our country. I’ve only been to one military funeral; I was 9 or 10 years old and the fallen soldier was the son of my mother’s cousin.

When I was in High School, there was a Memorial Day program that paid tribute to “Gold Star Mothers”. The mother continue reading here

Decoration Day

post05202014a2Friday begins Memorial Day weekend. When I was a child the Friday before Memorial Day was always the last day of school; but what was really special about Memorial Day was going to the cemetery to decorate graves.

I think most cemeteries in the south find more here

Only One Life…

Saturday evening, my niece asked, “Aunt Marcia, where did you get your reddish-blonde hair?” Her question caused me to pause. I thought everyone knew that my Gramps was a red-head.

Then I remembered that my niece was born after Gramps had passed away. She possibly never saw a color photo of him. And, she might not know that even though his name was Oscar, everyone called him “Red.”

Soon, there will be lots more here