Month: June 2014

Challenge: Hug Daddy Tight!

Transitions are not easy and my son and his family, are in the midst of transition. My son’s job has separated his family for months; the weekends are too short and the weeks are too long.

My daughter-in-law has done a marvelous job of single-parenting, but the boys also need their dad. They need a hug from Daddy in the morning, and they need to know Daddy will find more here

Challenge: Receive the Gifts!

On mother’s Day, our grandson, Jake, was quietly bothered that there were no gifts for his grandpas. When we got up to leave, Jake ran to his room, grabbed a couple of his best diggers, hurried back down and gave them to his grandpas.

It cost Jake a lot to give away two diggers. Jake loves his excavators, backhoes, and bulldozers. He treats them as if they are his children; he disciplines them when they act up, tucks them in at night, kisses and hugs them, and dig deeper here

Challenge: Unleash the Power!

dad for blog 6.10.14
On Saturday, my dad will celebrate his first anniversary in glory. Dad would be the first to tell you he wasn’t the most consistent follower of Jesus; not only did he take summers off: sometimes he took years off.

A few years ago as Dad and I spoke about the difficulty of living out our faith, Dad confessed, “I’ve been pushing the Holy Spirit down to my toes for over 30 years.” I replied, “Dad, just click here for more

Challenge: A Summer Date!

Since I promised to “spur you on” as you persevere in your walk with the Lord this summer, let’s first pause for a moment and think about why anyone would consider taking a spiritual vacation.

You or I would never think of putting our family, friends, or work on hold for a season. Can you imagine saying to your children, “Save that conversation for the next three months.” Or to your boss, “I’ll be back in the fall.” Or to your friends, “Next status update: when the kids go back to school!”

And yet, we might say to God, click here