Month: August 2014

Challenge: Is the Call “The Call”?

2014-08-20 11.37.54It’s time for a confession; I haven’t always had the right attitude regarding my service in the church…
Nursery? I did my time when my boys were little.
VBS? I need a break in the summer.
Kitchen committee? Are you kidding me?

To be willing to serve God without reservation, and teach the Bible to adults, I needed to keep reading here

It’s Time to Get Out of Bed!

ElsieBLast week I wrote about the persecution in the Middle East against Christian and other minority religions. Almost immediately a friend texted and told me she felt led to pray and fast. Another friend committed to donate 100% of her August profits from her home business to charities that work in the Middle East.

These are great ideas, and I’m sure many of you also sought ways in which to help. Only you know what God would have you keep reading here

It’s Time to Wake Up!

  for blog 8.12.14
The link to the photos was all over social media. I didn’t want to look. I knew my soul would be shocked. I knew my heart would be broken. My finger hovered while I debated, and then I did it; I clicked on the link.

Never in a million years could I have imagined such brutality of man against man. Surely, I thought, the photos are not real. But it appears this is true. This is happening. This is the world we are living in. I wanted to throw up. What did I see? (I must warn you, the following descriptions are graphic.) Continue here

The Challenge to be a Diligent Gardener

My mom is a serious gardener. She always has a beautiful garden, but when she downsized a few years ago she lost her garden space. To remedy that, my sibs and I — well, ok, the guys — built garden boxes for her.

Now, she is out there gardening every single day; and look at the results…

When I helped her dig in here