Month: September 2014

Home Inspections!

In preparation to move, we put our house on the market, someone liked it, and we’ve gone under contract. The next step is the home inspection.

We are ready. We disclosed everything we’re aware of. We set out a pot of fresh coffee, bottled water on ice, a plate of chocolate chip cookies and a note welcoming the inspector, the buyers and their realtor.
Then we left for the afternoon.

We took a little road trip to find more here

How To Be A Better MIL!

Let me begin by saying that both my mother and Brian’s mother are terrific Mothers-in-Law! Let me also say, I have two amazing Daughters-in-Law! Nikki and Jenny are literal answers to prayer because I began praying for them way back in 1987 before I ever knew them.

I, on the other hand, am still learning how to keep reading here

Holding On for Dear Life!

Jake and Matt rode their first Ferris wheel on Saturday. They were excited as they waited to get on.
post85pic1Well, they may have been a little hesitant, but mom and dad were going to ride with them, so there was nothing to worry about – at least not for the boys.

A Ferris wheel is pretty harmless. Oh, there’s find more here

Water Works… …Or It Doesn’t

I think Brian and I carried a water jinx with us this summer. Not that I believe in luck, good or bad, but it seemed that wherever we went, there was a water issue.

Fact:  We visited mom the first of August, and within a day, the city of Toledo’s automated emergency call service rang in with the dire warning – find more here

Come In! Make Yourself at Home!

My daughters-in-law are amazing hostesses! And that’s not easy when your mother and father-in-law can visit for a week at a time. A day or two – anyone can handle, but a week – well, that requires a concerted effort. Both Jenny and Nikki make the effort!

Before we arrive the girls make sure that we’ll read more here