Month: January 2015


First you make your choices, and then your choices make you. If you are like me, you know that’s a true statement, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter.

Seriously, it’s January and the gym is calling your name…
But so are the treats in the pantry…
Both can be right choices at the right time. I think it becomes a bad choice when we choose sweets at the expense of sweat for a long period of time. It requires hours on the elliptical to work off a momentary indulgence in thin mints! We must be careful what we find more here

A Real Super Hero!

IMG_8450Our grandson Matty wants to be a Ninja Turtle. He doesn’t want to simply wear a Ninja Turtle costume; he wants to BE a Ninja Turtle. And why not – Ninja Turtles are heroes – they fight bad guys and never lose. They eat pizza every day! They live in sewers – how cool is that?
post115g2A year or so ago, Matty wasn’t even aware that Ninja Turtles existed! He spent a weekend Grab your sword and continue reading here

Missed Meetings

blog114graphicI heard you calling to me yesterday morning and when I said, “I’ll get to you later,” I knew I was lying. I lied to myself and I lied to you. When I told myself I’d meet with you later in the day I knew in my heart I wouldn’t. When I whispered to you, “Later,” I knew it wouldn’t happen. I know myself almost as well as you do.

“Come and sit with me for a few minutes,” you asked, but there was too much to continue here

State of Heart


Tonight the President will share with us the state of our great Union. He will tell us what he and the congress have accomplished in the past year, and outline for us the things he would like to accomplish in the year ahead.

As he speaks some citizens will think he hasn’t done enough and some will think he has done too much. There are people who think he is moving our nation toward greater things and others who think he is leading us to keep reading here

Jonah and the Big Meatloaf

This is Jonah; he likes dogs and guitars, but mostly he likes his Grammy’s meatloaf! Unfortunately he lives in Utah and his Grandpa and Grammy (my brother and sister-in-law) live in Ohio so Jonah doesn’t get Grammy’s meatloaf as often as he’d like.

Jonah was quite upset recently as he Face-Timed with Grammy and saw that she was making meatloaf, and he couldn’t have any. It simply didn’t make sense to this three-year-old that he couldn’t continue here