Month: January 2015

How’s the Weather?

brian gerald snow 6a

How’s the weather where you are?

What a great conversation starter! Weather is obvious. We all experience it. And, unlike taxes, politics or death, it’s OK to discuss the weather.

God does amazing things in the weather. God also does amazing things in His children – but we don’t talk about that as readily because sometimes we keep reading here

When Bad Things Happen…


“They want to do another MRI to verify the mass.”

“I’m at the hospital getting tested for uterine cancer… This is like a nightmare… Day from Hell.”

“The police showed up at the front door and asked if they could search the house.”

“I can’t take care of two people with Alzheimer’s. I will take care of my husband at home; we have to move mom into a facility.”

“I feel like my life is one BIG consequence after another!”

“In my dark lapse of judgment I texted inappropriate pictures which he promised to delete.”

“Getting a biopsy done right now on my face, please pray!”

“I know God is sovereign, but right now, I’m not convinced that He loves me.”

“Mom fell on the ice.”

“Can God stop Satan already?”

“I don’t know how much more I can take.”

“We agreed we would give up all the money and comfort in the world to just have our family safe and healthy.”

“He asked to meet me for lunch, and then he told me he was bringing another person… a lawyer.”

“If bad things happen all around us, why can’t they happen to us? Why does He choose to protect some people and not others?”

These are all portions of conversations I’ve been a part of this week. I don’t have the answers. I know continue here


I hate fear. I don’t like when it sneaks in under the disguise of “post-Christmas blues” or “winter blahs” and sets up a command post in my heart. I despise when it sends its tentacles deep into my soul and prevents me from being the person I was created to be. I loathe the thoughts it brings to my mind. I detest its darkness.

Fear. Does it keep you continue here