Month: February 2015

The Danger Zone


It’s late in the evening, the house is quiet, you’re minding your own business, and then it starts. At first it’s subtle, just a little whisper in your ear, and you pretend not to notice. You try to distract yourself with a hobby or the TV.

You promised yourself that you would not give in tonight! Tonight will be different! Tonight you will resist. Tonight you will have victory. Tonight you will say, “No!” And mean it!

But, you know it’s there. You can’t stop thinking about it. The craving starts to take over your thoughts and your body. You continue reading here

Dirty Laundry!


Monday is Laundry Day in the Furrow household; the sheets are changed, and the hampers are emptied. With just two of us laundry day is only one day a week and usually only about four loads.

Don’t hate me. I didn’t breeze through laundry days as a young wife and mother. Laundry days were every day! Sometimes there was load after load of throw up towels and bedding. I washed pails full of soaking diapers and pre-treated (usually unsuccessfully) spit-up stains. And, of course, -click here for more->

The Spotlight of Self-Focus

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In the third verse of the Bible God said, “Let there be light.” In the 27th verse, God created mankind, and ever since we’ve been turning the light away from God and onto ourselves.

Well, I have, anyway. This morning was no different. Brian and I had a disagreement, I let my anger explode, said things I shouldn’t have, put on my walking shoes and headed out the door.

Hmmm, what light was shining then? Well, let’s just say I had a choice; I could continue right here

True Confessions.


Recently I was chatting with a friend and prayer journaling came up. This is my journal – and this is as close as you’ll get to seeing what’s inside! This is just between God and me.

I keep a prayer journal, but I also sometimes think or speak my prayers. And, I must say that when it comes to confessing sin – thinking my prayers is by far the easiest!

When I think my prayers, after the thought is complete, the issue is closed. For example, if the Holy Spirit convicts me of a sin, I can almost painlessly think, “Oh, man, I shouldn’t have done/said/thought that. God please forgive me.” There. Confessed. Forgiven. Done. It’s almost like I’m a generic sinner confessing my generic sin.

Or, perhaps it’s more like, “God, please forgive my… Wait a minute, is that a cobweb, I really need to continue here

True Love!

I confess: I used to read romance novels. Lots of them. I’d check one out of the library, read it, return it, and get the next one on the shelf. I especially enjoyed a series – by the end of it, I felt like the characters were family.

It didn’t matter if they were set in medieval times, modern times, or any time in between – I’d read them. I enjoyed each one, and yet they were all the same. There was usually a poor girl and a wealthy man – she would fall for him – he would pursue her – and they would live happily ever after; true love wins.

But, wait – isn’t that the story of Cinderella? Isn’t that the storyline of the latest best selling romance novel? How did we get from Cinderella to Shades of Grey? How did we move from glass slippers to continue here