Month: March 2015

Keeping Jesus Safe and Manageable?

post133graphicIt is impossible to turn the television on this Passion Week without seeing Jesus. He’s everywhere! “Jesus to Christ”, “Who Was Jesus”, “Jesus of Nazareth”, “The Story of Jesus”, and “Killing Jesus” are just a few of the shows that are airing this week.

Why do we need so many stories about Jesus? Isn’t there only one? No. Unfortunately, we can create just about as many “Jesus” characters as there are TV movies and books about him.

Why do we create Jesuses? (Is that a word? Jesi? Jesuss?) I think it is because the Jesus of the Bible is not a very safe or manageable Jesus for a lot of people. A manageable Jesus is one that can be manipulated, is more or less a peer continue here

Taking the Hits!

boxing-gloves-297499_640The other day I got an email from a friend outlining multiple ways in which I had let her down. It wasn’t easy to read. I actually felt like I had been punched in the gut. Was I really the person she was writing about? Could I have been so mean? Did I really say such hurtful things?

At first I wanted to write a long email back to her explaining and justifying myself point by point through every detail. OK, I’ll confess, I did write a long email There’s More Here

A Day at The Rodeo!

"Photo courtesy Orange County Archives."

“Photo courtesy Orange County Archives.”

Saturday was a watershed day for me – I attended my first rodeo, and let me say, I learned a lot. I learned that this is a very complex sport. It requires strength, agility, speed and a healthy respect for animals.

I also learned that a 4 to 7-year-old in Texas has a different idea of playing than a 4 to 7-year old anywhere else I’ve lived! The youngest athletes at the rodeo strap on a helmet, lie on the back of a fully grown sheep, grab hold of the wool and hang on for dear life as the sheep tries to run away; this is called “Mutton busting”. I suppose it’s the rodeo equivalent to T-ball in baseball.

Saturday’s winner – a kindergartner with a ponytail and pink cowboy boots, also find more here

The Crazy Lady in the Woods


Have you heard about the Crazy Lady who lives in the woods at the edge of the school playground in northern Illinois? She has wild hair and blazing eyes and she screams about wanting to kill people. She walks fast and slings her hands beside her. She’s a scary sight.

It was near the end of the school year, just a few years ago when the children first saw her.  During morning recess on a sunny day the kids were playing outside when they heard her shouting in the woods. Alarmed, the children stopped running and playing and stood still as they stared toward the woods.

Suddenly, she burst through the clearing on the path that snaked through the woods. The children didn’t move; were they continue reading here

Clean Eating

A friend of mine initiated a “Clean Eating” challenge; a call to eat healthy, whole foods and avoid additives. It’s only a week long challenge, so I thought, “Hey, Brian’s out of town, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon since Christmas, why not?” I’m in!

She suggested that before we begin, we need to clean out of our pantry things that have lots of additives, like cookies, donuts, and cheese crackers. And, she suggested we purchase things that look like they did when they were in the garden, or in the pasture.

Oh, and continue here