Month: April 2015

Bonus Week Is Almost Here!


True confession: I have not always been the best daughter when it comes to calling my parents. It isn’t that I didn’t want to call them, it’s just that I developed a bad habit years ago of only calling on Sunday afternoons.

However, the weeks of Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and their birthdays were Bonus Weeks: Mom and/or Dad received a card and a phone call!

How sad is that… that once or twice a year my folks heard from me twice in one week. Ouch! Why was I continue reading here

Unfamiliar Territory

Both of my daughters-in-law are, or will soon be, raising boys. I remember how concerned I was when I learned I would be a mom of boys; I was entering unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, through my sons, I am in more familiar territory with my daughters-in-law. I love my girls and I really appreciate that they keep me updated regarding whatever unfamiliar path they happen to find themselves on.

Just this week I received these texts… find more here

How Many Books Does It Take to Know Jesus?


Brian just marked his one-year anniversary of walking away from the corporate world. Amazingly, it is also the one-year anniversary of living with me day in and day out. Suffice it to say this has been a year of discovery.

Of all the people who know me well, Brian knows me best. However, if he’d written a book about me a year ago, he’d be writing the “Revised Edition” by now, Chapter One would be, “Moving In: Are You Kidding Me?”

This is our eleventh home as husband and wife. However, this may be the first move that we’ve accomplished together from start to finish. I’ve heard multiple times over the past few months, “When did you get like this?”

The answer, continues right here

Going to “The Masters”

Brian and I were babysitting our grandsons in Georgia on Friday evening when the phone rang. It was Dan, “Hey, is dad there?”

I handed the phone to Brian and the next thing I knew, I was married to a twelve-year-old who had just learned there was a new bike under the Christmas tree with his name on it, and it was Christmas Eve!! Dan had an extra ticket to “The Masters” and had offered it to Brian.

Of course Brian would have to get up at 4 a.m. in order to get to Augusta in time, but that’s OK, he couldn’t There’s more here