Month: May 2015

Captain America Christians?

post150graphic3Matthew will soon be four, and to celebrate his upcoming birthday, our gift to him was a “Captain America” outfit!
post150graphic2Matt was so excited when he opened his present. He had to put his costume on right away and go for a walk around the neighborhood looking for bad guys.

As we walked, I told Matty I really liked him in his Captain America suit and he immediately came to a halt, put his hands on his hips and said, “This is find more here

The Mom Award

If you’re a mom, you’ve probably given yourself one or more, “Mom Awards”. You know the ones I mean: “Worst Mom of the Hour/Day/Week/Month/Year or Decade”; and the most despised: “Worst Mom of the Century”.

I have a closet full! There are days when I received all of them in one afternoon.

I’ll never forget one of the “Worst Mom” awards I received… I gave it find more here

A Most Powerful Testimony

post148graphicHave you ever wished your salvation story was a bit more dramatic? Is it unusual to hear a fantastic testimony of how God lifted a hopeless, lost and broken sinner out of the depths of destruction and think, “I wish I had a testimony like that?”

Maybe you do.

The contrast between the suffocating darkness of sin and the flooding light of God’s grace pouring into the life of a repentant sinner is find more here

Rules of the Road


About a lifetime ago, when our boys were in High School, the driver’s training instructor told all of us anxious parents what to do to prepare our excited children for his class: Take them driving. I don’t think he wanted to be the first person to sit next to a teenager who had the keys for the first time!

Do you remember the day you got your license? I do! And I’ve no idea how I passed the driving test; I didn’t know how to drive. All my friends told me what the written test would be like so I memorized the rules of the road. I knew I’d have to parallel park so I learned that, too. I passed both tests on the first try.

In the weeks after I got my license I learned how to continue here

The Lust for Vindication

Blind Justice 1Grrr. I hate being told that I’m wrong about something especially when there isn’t a way to prove that I’m right. This happened to me just a couple of weeks ago and oh, how I wanted to defend myself and dig up every bit of evidence I could find to state my case; but there was no evidence. It was one person’s recollection of events against another’s.

Ugh. What to do? Just suck it up and let my accuser think she is right? Let anger take root and grow into a tree of resentment that produces a harvest of bitterness? I’ve been down that route. I don’t like that path. It is a dead end that others continue here