Month: June 2015

Listen to Your Words

post155graphic1 I saw this flower while I was walking a few days ago…

Its brilliant color caught my eye but what held my attention was where it was growing: in a crack in the sidewalk next to a busy road.
I’ve always heard that a weed is a flower that happens to be growing in the wrong place. If we call this little plant a weed, then we want to pull it up and throw it away. If we call it a flower, we want to water it and watch it grow.

What we call this little plant matters; weed or flower — our words reveal our thoughts and therefore direct our actions.

Our words have power. Without realizing it, we might be sabotaging our contentment with our words. A habit of continue here

Contentment Tool #2: Remember That Life is Short

This year we celebrated Father’s Day with four dads in our family: my father-in-law, my husband and both our sons. And in the midst of all the joy I really missed my dad. Dad lived a fairly long life, but it was not long enough for me. Life is short!

In The Art of Divine Contentment Thomas Watson compares our lives to a day: daybreak is the period of our infancy, the sun rising is our youth, the full sun in the afternoon is our adulthood, sunset marks our old age, evening is that time of frailty and/or illness, and the darkness of death awaits us. We are here for a day.

I think looking at photos helps us gain a bit of perspective. This is find more here

Contentment Tool #1 – Search the Heart

post153graphicContentment – is it elusive? Sometimes I think that the minute I experience the breathtaking view of contentment in one area of my life I take a step backward and fall off a cliff into the pit of discontent in another.

Ugh! Climbing out is not always easy either because it means I have to acknowledge that the repugnant attitude of grumbling, gossiping, whining and complaining is continue here

Contentment Defined!

Welcome to the world, Caleb “Cal” Shepherd Furrow!
blog152graphic2Cal was born in Round Rock, Texas on June 3rd to our son, Bob and his beautiful wife, Jenny. I think if you were to look up “contentment” in a pictorial dictionary, you might find this photo…
blog152graphic1Cal was very content here. His tummy was full, his diaper was fresh, his swaddle was tight, and his Yaya was cuddling him. It doesn’t take much to make a newborn content.

And it doesn’t take much to keep reading here

Not That One…That One!


“I have learned how to be content with whatever I have.” – Philippians 4:11b NLT

It’s 2 a.m. and the sweet voice of our toddler calls out in the darkness, “I wanna dink!” I roll over and hope that he’s not as thirsty as he thinks he is and that he will fall back to sleep. It’s quiet… maybe… nope.

“I wanna dink!”

Ugh. I haul out of bed and without turning on a light, I make my way to the bathroom, fill a cup and take it to him. There he is, keep reading here