Month: August 2015

What’s Next? A Closer Look!

When you look at a group photo that you are in, who is the first person you look at? I’ll confess, I look at myself first. And then I get critical. Am I smiling? Hair OK? Eyes open? Good posture? Then I look at everyone else.

Clearly this reveals a bit of self-centeredness, but sometimes we need to keep reading here

Breaking Bad: The Danger of Discontent

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Brian and I have arrived at the Breaking Bad picnic a bit later than most people have. Actually, if it had not been for a hot Texas weekend, a completed “to-do” list and a Netflix account we might never have found it.

We didn’t intend to watch more than an episode or two to find out what all the brouhaha was about, however, three episodes later we are keep reading here

In Defense of Discontent

blog161pixWe’ve been striving toward the goal of contentment throughout the summer, but I dare say, there is one area of our lives where we must fight contentment and purposefully remain discontent. There is a realm where there is no excuse, or room, for contentment.

As Paul taught we must learn contentment in all of our circumstances – the things around us that continually change — however, as Christians, we are not to be content concerning continue here

When Discontent is the Right Thing

It started with a single video, and not a one of us wanted to believe what we were seeing and hearing. Then, one after another, more videos were released and truth hit us squarely right between the eyes.

I’ve never had an abortion, so I can’t speak for the women who have; however, I can speak to Christians who are called to be like Jesus. We must open our hearts, arms, and lives to the men and women who need to be loved, restored, and supported. We must not break their bruised souls. We must not snuff out the smoldering embers of their faith.

Yes, my heart breaks for the continue here