Month: September 2015

When the Shoe Doesn’t Fit

post169pic_bWhen my grandsons try to walk in their dad’s shoes there is a lot of giggling and tripping as they struggle to keep their feet inside the shoe and actually make forward progress. It isn’t easy filling a big pair of shoes.

As much as the boys enjoy clunking around in dad’s shoes, they simply don’t fit and the reality is, it can be quite risky. However, it is not nearly as dangerous as when we try walking in God’s shoes. Why would anyone want to wear God’s shoes? Well, when God is small, someone has to keep reading here

Nurturing the “Pre-Born-Again”

post168picLast week, as I was catching up with a Christian friend I hadn’t seen in ages, she told me that her HS son has a new girlfriend, “a very sweet girl, but not a Christian, she’s had no religious upbringing.”

What?? A Christian dating an unbeliever!! For some Christians, those are fighting words.

Many Christian parents pray for their babies’ spouses from the day their child is born, or perhaps even before. I started continue here

Where are the wheels?


“Open my eyes to see the wonderful truths in your instructions.”
– Psalm 119:18 NLT

Jake was beyond excited when he opened one of his 6th birthday gifts from his parents and saw the 1000 piece train engine puzzle he had asked for. I was excited, too! I really enjoy puzzles, but this one looked difficult and did I mention it had 1000 pieces!

This photo shows about how far along Jake and I got while I was visiting. He may have it finished the next time I visit, or not. I’m not that big into train locomotives but Jake is, and that’s enough for me to enjoy this puzzle.

As I was thinking about this particular puzzle, it dawned on me that this looks a lot like my mind must continue here

Love: The Missing Link

post166graphic“And yet I will show you the most excellent way. If I speak in the tongues of men or of angels, but do not have love, I am only a resounding gong or a clanging cymbal.” – 1 Corinthians 12:31b-13:1 NIV

Boy, are we hearing a cacophony of resounding gongs and clanging cymbals of late! There is a lot of name-calling, Bible quoting, hurtful, slanderous, and hateful words tossed around by many angry Christians and with good reason, but perhaps poor judgment.

Christians are writing and saying unkind things to both Christians and non-Christians. There seems to be an air of confrontation permeating every conversational medium and continue here

For the Sake of Holiness?

post165picHow far are you, how far am I, willing to go for the sake of holiness?

This has been a busy summer for our culture. Same sex couples received the right to get married. Planned Parenthood was outed as a seller of baby parts. Bruce Jenner changed his name and his body parts and insisted everyone call him Caitlyn. And, most recently, a teenage boy with gender confusion demanded that he be allowed in the girls’ locker room.

There is much going on in our nation, our culture, our churches, and our homes that is overwhelmingly confusing to many of us. As Christians, we sometimes feel caught between a rock and a hard place: we want to gently share the love of Christ with people who are hurting, but too often continue reading here