Month: December 2016

New Year’s Resolutions


In nineteen days our lives will all change for the better! We will get healthy and lose weight. We will stop smoking. We will stop gossiping. We will start going to church every week and reading our Bibles every day. We will aggressively pound the pavement till we find a job. We will end bad habits and start good ones.

Or not.

Are you making a New Year’s Resolution? I’m not. I used to, but I decided that I don’t like nailing down one specific area where I need to change. And I don’t like knowing I am probably going to continue here

Christmas Forgiveness

post241graphic1If I were to ask you what is your favorite thing about Christmas, some of you would respond: Family. If I were to ask what do you dread most, some of you would say: Family.

This past week, in conversations with friends, continue reading here

Temporary Discomfort

post240pic1Who is the last person you want to see moving past you to get to the window seat in your airplane row? Yep: someone with dark circles under her eyes, pale cheeks, parched lips and throw-up bags tucked into the back pocket of her jeans.

Well, actually, that person might not be the worst seat companion. Someone must sit next to one of the continue here

Santa, Elves, & Tooth Fairies

 post239pic1As I was tucking my oldest grandson into bed one night last week he told me a couple of things that were bothering him. First, his elf had yet to appear on a shelf and some of his friends’ elves already had. Second, he had recently seen a rubber band on Santa’s beard.

Yikes! Don’t panic! Yaya, you got this, you’ve handled it before…

Problem #1 The continue reading here