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Are You Thirsty?

post-237-pic1On the heels of our Thanksgiving over-indulgence, it’s hard to imagine that there is an unprecedented drought and famine coming, but there is, and hundreds of millions of unassuming people are in danger of dying from thirst and starvation.

This drought is coming, not because of continue here

Nothing New To See

post174pic2My friend was amazed that I noticed her new kitchen cabinet knobs last week. She’s just now moving and I dropped in on her unannounced and her kitchen looked, well, like someone in the middle of a move. Somehow, I managed to see beyond the clutter and I noticed her new knobs.

post174pic3Maybe it really isn’t terribly odd; having recently moved, I am not distracted by empty boxes and clutter, and I have been in her kitchen several times so I was familiar with it and the knobs simply hadn’t been there before. How could I not see them?

post174pic1This is how I want to train my eye when it comes to the things of God. Just like I know my friend’s kitchen, I want to know the Bible so thoroughly that when I hear something false, continue here

Captain America Christians?

post150graphic3Matthew will soon be four, and to celebrate his upcoming birthday, our gift to him was a “Captain America” outfit!
post150graphic2Matt was so excited when he opened his present. He had to put his costume on right away and go for a walk around the neighborhood looking for bad guys.

As we walked, I told Matty I really liked him in his Captain America suit and he immediately came to a halt, put his hands on his hips and said, “This is find more here