Marcia Furrow has been uniquely gifted to communicate her passion for the Lord Jesus Christ.  Her knowledge of scripture and her love for Jesus speaks volumes to women from every walk of life.  She inspires women to follow the Lord with everything they have and not to settle for less than the abundant life He came to bring us.   She challenges all women to get in the Word and to pursue the personal relationship He came to earth to bless us with.

Dawn Furrow
Women’s Ministry Coordinator

Faith Baptist Church


The conference was a total success! The attendees evaluated your General Session, Good to Godly: Godly Leadership: What it is and Why Does it Matter?” and here’s what they had to say. . . . ”

“This is what I need!”
“WOW! Amazing and challenging, thank you!
“Good to Godly – verified why God has called me to ministry.”
“Godly Leadership! Never heard this before!”
“Marcia Furrow’s topic was what I needed – that answered all of my questions.”
“It was great to meet so many like-minded individuals and have my ‘basket’ filled.”

Thank you, Marcia for using your gifts and talents to serve these small ministries who desperately want to e “Godly” in how they lead. I doubt any of the attendees will ever look at the story of Jesus feeding the 5,000 the same again, I know I won’t! Thank you!

God’s richest blessings on you,

Christa M. March


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