"Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." John 7:38

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Calm In The Storms

Harvey. Irma. Fires. Earthquakes. Famine. Drought. War. Flood.

What in the world is going on? And why is it happening?

Judgment. Wrath of God. Climate Change. End Times. Fate. Karma.

Are you panicked? Are you confused by all of the Continue Here

Election Day! Finally!


Well, here we are, Election Day. Finally. Today is the day that every Christian will wait with baited breathe to see if God has heard and answered our prayers. Today is the day that we will all be praying like never before for our candidate and for our country.

As Christians in America we are convinced that there is only one candidate to vote for, and that is – continue reading here>

Familiarity in the Unfamiliar

Everyone asks me what I’m enjoying most about our visit here in England, and aside from time with my children, I am enjoying exploring the unfamiliar. And I’m finding that I really like it here, and I am very excited about making some of the unfamiliar into the familiar.

Like pubs. The whole idea of a “public house” was unfamiliar to me and try as I might, I can’t think of anything continue here


post211pic1_edited-1Warning: Spoiler alerts ahead. I love spoiler alerts. I usually read the last pages of a novel before I read the first because I want to know if the time and emotional investments are worth spending.

I know this bothers some people… a LOT. Nevertheless, I don’t continue here

The Hidden Things

This is a photo from my deck, however, since we were fogged in this morning you can’t see the view.

This is the same picture from my deck after the fog lifted. There’s a lot more to see, but you can’t see it all. You have to trust me when I tell you that between the near trees and the far trees there’s a valley and a golf course.

Just because we can’t see things, doesn’t mean they aren’t there. Much of life is like this. There is much that is hidden, and what is hidden, is hidden for a reason. What is revealed is what God wants us to continue reading here

Mapping Out The Future

Are you right now where you thought ten years ago you would be today? Are you continue here

This Is How You Do It

post178picJake and Matt could barely wait for Cal to arrive at our house last week because they were excited to teach their baby cousin all he needed to know. As soon as Cal was out of his car seat and in his mommy’s lap, the big cousins started teaching:

Jake, age six, “Cal, this is gentle. Now you do it.”

Matty, age four, “Criss-cross-applesauce! This is how you sit, Cal!”

“Cal this is how you crawl, just do it like this.”

“Watch me, Cal, this is how you walk, see how I put my feet like this.”

“These are trucks, Cal, you play with them like this.”

“These are Legos, this is how you build things.”

Their instructions continue here

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