"Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." John 7:38

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Temporary Discomfort

post240pic1Who is the last person you want to see moving past you to get to the window seat in your airplane row? Yep: someone with dark circles under her eyes, pale cheeks, parched lips and throw-up bags tucked into the back pocket of her jeans.

Well, actually, that person might not be the worst seat companion. Someone must sit next to one of the continue here

All Knowing


As most of you know, my husband is the 1998 Illinois State Cherry Pit Spitting Champion. However, it appears the mantle is passing to the next generation.

Last week our grandson, Matthew, was having fun eating cherries and when I told him that Cherry Pit Spitting is a very real competition, he got right find more here


post211pic1_edited-1Warning: Spoiler alerts ahead. I love spoiler alerts. I usually read the last pages of a novel before I read the first because I want to know if the time and emotional investments are worth spending.

I know this bothers some people… a LOT. Nevertheless, I don’t continue here

Bittersweet Moments

post196pic1Bittersweet is an interesting word, and it is the word that perfectly describes what Brian and I are feeling lately as we walk a new path with our family. I think the greatest challenge of bittersweet, is finding that place where the sweet overpowers the bitter.

Our bittersweet circumstance right now, is that find more here

Trustworthy Wheels


Our old Chevy Station Wagon (just like the one above only dark green) didn’t have AC, was cramped and crowded, out of style, and did I mention green? We were all beyond excited when Dad finally decided it was time to trade her in!

post142graphic2 (2)When he pulled into the driveway with a sleek new light blue, shiny, air-conditioned beauty we were overjoyed.

We quickly piled in for a ride and our trip went right past the car dealership where we saw our old, green used-up, dilapidated, banged up, has-been of a vehicle in the back lot. We asked Dad to turn around so we could see her one more time.

From our new perspective, sitting in the air-conditioned comfort of our new car, our old car looked abandoned, lonely, and rejected. Our hearts were heavy for our discarded green friend sitting all alone in the back of the lot.

As I recall, we actually cried as we drove home. We loved that car; it had proved faithful to our family and now we had tossed her aside. Believe it or not, – find more here>

Fading Footprints

Every time I visit mom I look for dad. I know he isn’t there, but I can’t help it, I look for him everywhere.

I used to find him in his empty chair because no one else sat in it. Other people sit in his chair now; he isn’t there.
post 137graphic1I used to find him in his closet. I’d bury my face in his clothes and breathe deeply.
post 137graphic2_edited-1There are still a few things that belong to him, but they no longer smell like him. Or not like I remember him. He’s continue here

Clean Eating

A friend of mine initiated a “Clean Eating” challenge; a call to eat healthy, whole foods and avoid additives. It’s only a week long challenge, so I thought, “Hey, Brian’s out of town, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon since Christmas, why not?” I’m in!

She suggested that before we begin, we need to clean out of our pantry things that have lots of additives, like cookies, donuts, and cheese crackers. And, she suggested we purchase things that look like they did when they were in the garden, or in the pasture.

Oh, and continue here

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