"Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them." John 7:38

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 A Parent’s Heart

The anticipation over what is ahead for me is exhilarating! What’s happening? Our Brits are arriving on Friday and our Texans are due to deliver grandbaby number five any day. Quite possibly, continue here

Royal Family

We had a wonderful visit to London last weekend with our son and his family. There were so many places that I have either heard about, viewed on TV, or seen in the movies, that I got to finally see in person.

On Friday we took a double-decker bus continue here

Getting to Know Daddy

post242pic1This precious little girl has known her daddy since she was born. In her brief life (less than seven months), she has learned a lot about this man whom she adores.

She has learned that he is trustworthy. He always holds her up when she tries to stand. He carries her wherever he wants her to go. He shows her new and exciting things. He always comes home. She knows she is safe with him.

This is the man of her dreams. In the next few years, she continue reading here



My son and his family flew to England on Friday to begin the next chapter of their lives. So. Far. Away. Yes, they may be far away from Brian and me, but they are never beyond the reach of God.

There is much about continue reading here

Loving Father

It was mid-morning on July 28, 1979; I was getting married in a little while and no one knew where dad was! I wasn’t worried, I knew he’d show up on time. It was very much like him to just take off and roam about, but he was always there when he was supposed to be.

Brian, my soon-to-be-husband wasn’t as continue reading here


Allow me to introduce you to our sweet, precious Granddaughter, Stella Claire Furrow.


When I first heard her name I thought it was simply beautiful and I had to do a quick search to discover what each name meant.

Stella means star; and Claire means clear and bright. What a perfect name for this little girl. Clear, bright star! She is definitely our star. She is a read more here

A View From the Top

We’ve all had moments when we wonder, sometimes in exasperation and sometimes in elation, “What on earth is going on?”

It’s not unusual for those moments to be seasons. Seasons of pain, suffering, heartache, loneliness, frustration, fear, desperation, depression, poverty, infidelity, adultery, betrayal or death that take their toll on our sense of purpose and being.

When we are swept up in the moment, living only for today, or to get through today, we often grow weary and lose heart. We end up feeling defeated even before the battle begins. The drudgery of today becomes more than we want to endure. Getting out of bed continue here

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