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Calm In The Storms

Harvey. Irma. Fires. Earthquakes. Famine. Drought. War. Flood.

What in the world is going on? And why is it happening?

Judgment. Wrath of God. Climate Change. End Times. Fate. Karma.

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post215pic1Watching the news the last few days causes me to wonder if justice is dead. We all want justice to prevail, but can it in the midst of a polarizing political season, deeply opposing gun issues, growing tension over racial differences and escalating civil violence?

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It’s Time to Wake Up!

  for blog 8.12.14
The link to the photos was all over social media. I didn’t want to look. I knew my soul would be shocked. I knew my heart would be broken. My finger hovered while I debated, and then I did it; I clicked on the link.

Never in a million years could I have imagined such brutality of man against man. Surely, I thought, the photos are not real. But it appears this is true. This is happening. This is the world we are living in. I wanted to throw up. What did I see? (I must warn you, the following descriptions are graphic.) Continue here

I Promise, I’ll Come Back!


When I was a little girl, Dad often worked away from home. Sometimes he’d be gone for weeks at a time, but not once did we ever worry that he might not come home. We knew he’d come home because he told us he would.

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