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Christmas Forgiveness

post241graphic1If I were to ask you what is your favorite thing about Christmas, some of you would respond: Family. If I were to ask what do you dread most, some of you would say: Family.

This past week, in conversations with friends, continue reading here

Loving Father

It was mid-morning on July 28, 1979; I was getting married in a little while and no one knew where dad was! I wasn’t worried, I knew he’d show up on time. It was very much like him to just take off and roam about, but he was always there when he was supposed to be.

Brian, my soon-to-be-husband wasn’t as continue reading here

Things I Didn’t Know I Needed


(Caution: The secret identity of Santa Claus may be revealed in this blog!)

Christmastime is wonderful for little children – decorating the tree, taping on cotton ball Santa beards, posing for photos and telling Santa what you want for Christmas; it’s magical. However, as parents, we know there is a lot that can go wrong.

What if every store from Ohio to Minnesota sold out of the only item on one child’s list, and the other child has a list a mile long! What if the budget meets their needs, but their wants far outweigh those needs? As parents we must decide how best to handle these situations, so that everyone feels loved and happy on Christmas morning.

I recall one Christmas when Brian and I were walking such a tightrope. We held our breath as the boys walked into the living room and saw their gifts beautifully arranged in front of the tree (in two separate but equal displays), and one boy exclaimed continue reading here

Using What God Gives You.

My grandsons are enjoying their first winter in northern Georgia and it is a bit different than northern Illinois. When Jake heard there was snow in Illinois he got really sad. He loves snow! He always has.


But, in Georgia, you don’t get a lot of snow, so we started praying for snow, (sorry Georgia…) but the Lord didn’t send snow; instead they got a coating of ice! So the boys got busy and even Matty (our southerner at heart) braved the cold to pick a few ice berries. (Great idea, Mommy!)

Children are not the only ones who sometimes want what they don’t have… sometimes grown-ups do. There have been times when I’ve heard that someone has something I don’t and I thought, “I want that.” I have even looked at another person’s spiritual gift and continue here