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Heaven On Earth?

post195picBrian and I are enjoying a vacation at Disney with our son Dan, his family, and his in-laws. There is nothing better than quality time with the family; except maybe quality time in a magic kingdom.

Everywhere you look everyone seems to be totally enjoying themselves, suddenly all around us, about nap time for their little ones, everywhere you look there’s a baby crying. As wonderful as it is, Disney can just be too much.

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Clean Eating

A friend of mine initiated a “Clean Eating” challenge; a call to eat healthy, whole foods and avoid additives. It’s only a week long challenge, so I thought, “Hey, Brian’s out of town, I’ve kind of fallen off the wagon since Christmas, why not?” I’m in!

She suggested that before we begin, we need to clean out of our pantry things that have lots of additives, like cookies, donuts, and cheese crackers. And, she suggested we purchase things that look like they did when they were in the garden, or in the pasture.

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A Real Super Hero!

IMG_8450Our grandson Matty wants to be a Ninja Turtle. He doesn’t want to simply wear a Ninja Turtle costume; he wants to BE a Ninja Turtle. And why not – Ninja Turtles are heroes – they fight bad guys and never lose. They eat pizza every day! They live in sewers – how cool is that?
post115g2A year or so ago, Matty wasn’t even aware that Ninja Turtles existed! He spent a weekend Grab your sword and continue reading here

Correct Currency

blog104pic12_09_2014There are only 15 shopping days left till Christmas! Some of you have finished and all your gifts are wrapped and under the tree while some of us are still trying to find our way to the mall.

Imagine if you had completed all your shopping in one day at one store, had all your perfect selections rung up, and when you handed your money to the cashier you heard, “I’m sorry, we don’t take money.” Next, you pull out your credit card and then your debit card, and you still hear, continue here