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What To Hold On To?

2014-10-14 16.15I’ve had this basket of flowers for 30 years. They’ve moved with us through six states and now I have to decide, will they go with us on this move.

It’s a hard decision to make. I look at these raggedy flowers that have been sitting on a shelf in a closet in my basement for the past eighteen years, and I remember the morning that Dad gave them to me: it was a Sunday, two days after I’d continue here

Holding On for Dear Life!

Jake and Matt rode their first Ferris wheel on Saturday. They were excited as they waited to get on.
post85pic1Well, they may have been a little hesitant, but mom and dad were going to ride with them, so there was nothing to worry about – at least not for the boys.

A Ferris wheel is pretty harmless. Oh, there’s find more here

A Stone in the Wall

dads walls 001In the spring of 2000, my dad and I drove to North Carolina to document the works of art he and my Gramps had created out of stone. He told me he could pick out the stones that had smashed a finger, or been dropped on a toe. Every stone in every wall had a story. Dad talked a lot about a lot of things on that trip.

One thing in particular that dad told me was, “You continue reading here

Clinging to the Cross!

Easter: When we celebrate Jesus death on the cross, His burial, and His resurrection. The empty tomb is foundational to the Christian faith. The empty tomb is Easter. But oh, how we love the cross! continue reading here

I Promise, I’ll Come Back!


When I was a little girl, Dad often worked away from home. Sometimes he’d be gone for weeks at a time, but not once did we ever worry that he might not come home. We knew he’d come home because he told us he would.

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