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Unfamiliar Territory

Both of my daughters-in-law are, or will soon be, raising boys. I remember how concerned I was when I learned I would be a mom of boys; I was entering unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, through my sons, I am in more familiar territory with my daughters-in-law. I love my girls and I really appreciate that they keep me updated regarding whatever unfamiliar path they happen to find themselves on.

Just this week I received these texts… find more here

Walking Uphill

There is a hill down the street from where I live that challenges me. The challenge is not so much walking the hill, but trying to figure out how it’s only half a mile down, but it’s at least two miles back up!

Sure, it doesn’t look all that daunting when you first turn onto the hill, there’s barely an incline.
And, once you get past the first curve, it sort of drops off a little, but it doesn’t seem steep or difficult.
And, granted, unless you’ve driven it, or walked it, you don’t know what’s around that curve; it could be something keep walking here

Glory Days

How often does your story begin with “I used to…”? I used to play sports, I used to work, I used to go to church, I used to spend time with my family, I used to go to Bible study, I used to be married, I used to be single, I used to (fill in the blank).

Does the shadow of who you used to be sometimes cloud your vision such that you can’t quite see who you are today – or who you find more here

When Is It Time To Let Go?

post100pixAt what point does the present become the past? At what point does something that means so much to you become a part of your history and no longer a part of your future? At what point do you stop holding on and begin letting go?

The Lord says that everything has a season…

“There is a time for everything, and a season continue here