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When The Most Wonderful Time of the Year Isn’t

There was nothing unusual about her, she wasn’t much older than my own children and we exchanged smiles as Brian and I moved into the empty seats next to her. She didn’t sing during worship, but not everyone does. She shook my hand when we exchanged “Merry Christmas” greetings with our neighbors.

Then, the pastor started his sermon, “Christmas! The most wonderful time of the year… except when it isn’t” and she started to cry. Things weren’t wonderful continue here

Glory Days

How often does your story begin with “I used to…”? I used to play sports, I used to work, I used to go to church, I used to spend time with my family, I used to go to Bible study, I used to be married, I used to be single, I used to (fill in the blank).

Does the shadow of who you used to be sometimes cloud your vision such that you can’t quite see who you are today – or who you find more here

A Stone in the Wall

dads walls 001In the spring of 2000, my dad and I drove to North Carolina to document the works of art he and my Gramps had created out of stone. He told me he could pick out the stones that had smashed a finger, or been dropped on a toe. Every stone in every wall had a story. Dad talked a lot about a lot of things on that trip.

One thing in particular that dad told me was, “You continue reading here

Only One Life…

Saturday evening, my niece asked, “Aunt Marcia, where did you get your reddish-blonde hair?” Her question caused me to pause. I thought everyone knew that my Gramps was a red-head.

Then I remembered that my niece was born after Gramps had passed away. She possibly never saw a color photo of him. And, she might not know that even though his name was Oscar, everyone called him “Red.”

Soon, there will be lots more here