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Decoration Day

post05202014a2Friday begins Memorial Day weekend. When I was a child the Friday before Memorial Day was always the last day of school; but what was really special about Memorial Day was going to the cemetery to decorate graves.

I think most cemeteries in the south find more here

Only One Life…

Saturday evening, my niece asked, “Aunt Marcia, where did you get your reddish-blonde hair?” Her question caused me to pause. I thought everyone knew that my Gramps was a red-head.

Then I remembered that my niece was born after Gramps had passed away. She possibly never saw a color photo of him. And, she might not know that even though his name was Oscar, everyone called him “Red.”

Soon, there will be lots more here

A Recap of Israel!

My heart is overflowing with joy. My mind is joyfully overflowing!

When asked “What was the highlight of your trip to Israel?” I am at a loss for words. It’s like asking which color frosting tastes the best: it’s all frosting! Every moment, every location, every lecture was just more frosting on the cake of getting to walk in Israel.

As a student, I learned so much and (More here!)

Walking Where Jesus Walked!

2014-04-21 10.40.05Friends, as you read this blog post, Brian and I will be walking in Israel! We are so excited to take this trip, to see the sights Jesus saw and to walk where Jesus walked.

It is not certain when, if, or how frequently I will be posting updates, but I hope to keep you posted on where we are and what we are experiencing.

Please pray for our safety as we travel, and that we might be open to all that the Lord would have us experience, so that we would be filled to overflowing when we return home.

I am already anxious to share this trip with you!

With much love,