Walking Where Jesus Walked!

2014-04-21 10.40.05Friends, as you read this blog post, Brian and I will be walking in Israel! We are so excited to take this trip, to see the sights Jesus saw and to walk where Jesus walked.

It is not certain when, if, or how frequently I will be posting updates, but I hope to keep you posted on where we are and what we are experiencing.

Please pray for our safety as we travel, and that we might be open to all that the Lord would have us experience, so that we would be filled to overflowing when we return home.

I am already anxious to share this trip with you!

With much love,





8 thoughts on “Walking Where Jesus Walked!

  1. Janet Redeker

    Oh Marcia and Brian, I am so excited for you!! How I would love to walk were he walked….but I will probably never get to. Therefore I am counting on you to be my eyes and ears so I can experience it through you!!!! Praying for your safety as I know 10 rockets landed there today, but thank God no one was hurt. I am so thrilled that you are there and seeing the Holy Land !!! ♥

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  2. lisa peterson

    We will keep you in our prayers for a safe trip. But what a trip this will be… walking the walk of Jesus. Definitely on our bucket list. Love, Lisa and Dave

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  3. Carol Beckmann

    Marcia and Brian,
    I join the many others who will be praying for you.

    May your trip be life changing as ours was to the Holy Land!

    So excited for you!!!!!
    Carol B

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  4. Cheryl Brandt

    Marcia, I’m so excited for you and Brian! My sister and husband went last month and it was a blessing. Excited to hear about your time!

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