The Pillow Fiasco

This afternoon I boxed up my most recent new pillow. It was supposed to be the perfect pillow. I’m returning it. It’s not perfect. This is the fourth pillow I’ve returned in four weeks. Tonight, I’ll be fighting my old pillow again.

Why is it so difficult to find a good pillow? I’m not that picky; I just want one that’s not too firm, not too soft, not squishy, and not crunchy. My current pillow started making crunching sounds a few weeks ago. Trust me, that is not good for sleeping through the night.

I just want to be comfortable. I want to sink my head down into the perfect pillow at the end of the day, and sleep all night without having to flip or squeeze the pillow into shape. Is that too much to ask?

When we stop to think about it, it’s amazing how often we use comfort to make decisions in life. We buy clothes based on comfort. We place our sofas where we’re most comfortable watching TV. We choose friends based on who we’re most comfortable to be around. We go to restaurants where we feel the most comfortable. We avoid people, things, places and situations where we feel uncomfortable.

This morning during my quiet time, I read in Luke 9:57-58, “Someone said to Jesus, ‘I will follow you no matter where you go.’ But Jesus replied, ‘Foxes have dens to live in, and birds have nests, but I the Son of Man, have no home of my own, not even a place to lay my head.’”  I wonder if that person followed Jesus. Or did that sound too uncomfortable? Even today, we decide where, when, and how to serve the Lord Jesus based on our comfort.

Would you follow Jesus if you knew it meant being uncomfortable? The disciples did. They left everything. They didn’t know where their next meal was coming from, let alone where they would sleep at night, and I’m sure they didn’t carry along a pillow.

Are you willing to be uncomfortable to follow Jesus?

Would you give up a seat in the pew and serve in the nursery? What about the book club that meets at the same time as the Bible study you were invited to? Would you give up sleeping in on Saturday to attend a Leader’s Meeting? Are you willing to walk into a nursing home and spend time with an elderly or infirm stranger? And, how uncomfortable would it be to volunteer at hospice?

If God is calling you out of your comfort zone, isn’t it worth it? Isn’t it worth trusting him to overcome your fear, complacency, laziness, busyness, introverted personality, or whatever else it is that keeps you from serving him? Isn’t it worth allowing him to remove the idol of comfort in your life?

You may even have to give up some sleep, but it probably means you’ll sleep better when you do sleep, even if your pillow is crunchy.

9 thoughts on “The Pillow Fiasco

  1. cindy

    Boy did this touch me this morning! been trying to get up a little earlier in the mornings to spend time with GOD whether reading his word or praying and meeting him,well this morning i was so warm and comfy when the alarm went off,i just wanted to sleep! And then I had the thought,what if I need GOD’s help and he says,not right now,I’m guess how fast I got out of that bed!


  2. Barbara J. Western

    I needed this this morning. Yes I would follow Jesus anywhere. He has always been in my life and as I grow older I know he is always with me. Great devotional for today. I hope your day goes wonderful.


  3. Sandy Cunneff

    Haha, Marcia. As Harry and I are constantly on a mission to find the perfect pillow, I can totally relate to this wonderful illustration of our very comfortable life. Jesus certainly does call us to a life that is not going to be all that comfortable but I love that verse about the Son of Man not having a place to rest His head. Sorta does make one pause and get a grip on things, eh? Love you and miss you so much. Come on down to FL and get comfortable here in paradise. JK. Keep up the great work on your wonderful blog. Love you! Sandy


  4. Carol Burnette

    Hi Marsha,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights into the scriptures and life. One of my life lessons of about 20+ years ago was that God didn’t have much use for what I viewed as my “gifts” until I quit putting restrictions on them. When I finally opened my life to God by saying, “Okay God, I’ll do whatever you need me to do, for however long you need me to do it”, did my work truly come to fruition.

    At age seventy, I,too, am still trying to find the RIGHT pillow!


  5. Carol Beckmann

    Great challenge to a follower who loves comfort. I admit that is me! I am slowly learning that there really is only peace/comfort when we are following whatever God calls us to do where and when He chooses, and that often is not what we would have been our first choice.


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