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  1. Dear Marcia,
    I love your blog. God has given you a new season to serve Him and to use your teaching gifts. I look forward to getting your book. I love the devotionals that I have but wanted to get a new one. How perfect that you are writing one. BSF will miss you and I am thankful that God richly blessed me in serving with you for His Kingdom. You encouraged me to dive deeply into God’s Word.
    love, Christine


  2. I’m certain that I have never been as excited to see someone’s website up and running as I’ve been to see yours, Marcia. And here it is!!! God has gifted you to share His word and His purposes. Thank you for answering His call and following Him. Blessings on you, my friend!


  3. Marcia—Great looking site. It is very clear that the fingerprints of God are all over you. May he increase your ministry as you serve him and may he use you in mighty ways to change lives of those that hear your message. I will continue to lift you up to our heavenly creator.


  4. Marcia, in addition to being an amazing teacher and speaker and leader – what a blessing it is be part of your writings. Thanks for sharing yet another gift of yours with the world through your blog (love the name too!). To God be the glory! I have been touched in so many ways through your postings. I’m now following you (a bit late from your original announcement, but you know I have tardiness issues :). I can’t wait for the book to be published. God’s continued blessings and faithfulness to you! Miss you much, Karyn


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