Happy Birthday, Mama!

Sixty years ago this weekend, you turned 18 – and what a year that was! In the spring, you graduated from High School and then you met the handsome young man who would sweep you off your feet and love you for the entire rest of his life.

Mom, you still look the same! I can see  why Dad fell head over heels for you. He must have been spell-bound the first time he laid eyes on you.

Of course, you probably did a double take when you spotted this young man!


Not every woman is as blessed as you were and are. Granted, life hasn’t always been easy, no life is, but you were never without love: The love of your parents, siblings, husband, your own children, many friends and especially God.


“I have loved you, my people, with an everlasting love. With unfailing love I have drawn you to myself.” – Jeremiah 31:3 NLT

It couldn’t have been easy becoming a mom three times in three years, but you pulled it off. We never felt like we weren’t the most loved and cared for children in the world. We never lacked a thing. We never missed out on anything. We were loved, protected, fed, and tucked into warm beds every night with a hug and a kiss. And you even went to the extreme of giving us a baby sister to love and spoil!


One thing is for sure, Mom, you always gave your best! Whatever you did: sewing our clothes, reupholstering furniture, teaching us to clean house, helping us with scouts, dividing up our chores, or simply wrapping presents, you always had a high bar. And because of that, you taught us to have a high bar in all that we do.

MarciaMom11 copy MarciaMom12 MarciaMom15

I have many sweet memories of our family and our traditions…

For Christmas: we got to open one gift every year on Christmas Eve! We always knew what we were getting: New pajamas that you had made! And we loved the soft flannel and the Christmas prints.

For Easter: You always made sure the girls had a new dress, hat, purse, gloves, and white patent leather shoes to wear to church. I also recall that you ended up carrying all of our hats, gloves, and purses home from church. Then going to Brush Creek for Easter Dinner and egg hunts with real hard-boiled eggs!

Mom, you have taught me so much. You gave me a love for learning and a passion to embrace challenges. You encouraged me to do whatever I wanted to do and become whatever I wanted to become. You let me go off to college and find my own way. You never held me back.

MarciaMom13 MarciaMom14

Thank you for all you’ve done for all of us. For the sacrifices you made. For the tears you’ve shed. For the love you give. For the forgiveness you extend.

“Who can find a virtuous and capable wife… Her children stand and bless her. Her husband praises her: ‘There are many virtuous and capable women in the world, but you surpass them all!’” – Proverbs 31:10-31

Happy birthday, Mom! I wish I could turn back the clock for you, so that you could relive all the good times. I know there are many! Thank you!





16 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mama!

  1. Bev Brewer

    Your mom is such a role model Marcia. And ofcourse you don’t lack anything either Marcia. Keep up the great blogs.


  2. Sandy Carlson

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful, loving words to your mom on her birthday, recalling her love for your dad, you and your family and God. Thanks too for sharing your life with me and others who love you. Your openness makes me feel a part of your family and of course we are part of God’s forever family! We are sisters in Christ!


  3. Marcia you made my cry with your wonderful loving words for your mom. She indeed is an amazing woman whom our Lord has blessed many times over. Her children are her legacy and have grown into strong and loving adults who reflect her love (along with your dad’s). God bless you and much love to you.


  4. Carol Burnette

    I’m going to make your sweet Mom a late birthday card tonight. So glad you wrote this post. The “young” Bonnie pictures brought to mind a visit to your Hazelwood house and a handmade gift of a cute poodle made of a coat hanger and cleaner bags. I kept it for years!


  5. Rachel Perdue

    To a Dear sister I have always adored, loved, & know that I could share anything, with her and Jim, I love you, and thanks for the decisions we had no decision in ,being my sister, well said Marcia Love All to my family Marcia, keep up the good work, will be home Thursday.


  6. Janet Redeker

    What a great tribute to your mom!! It really touched my heart too as the verse in Psalms is what the Bible was open to by my and Brian’s grandmother’s casket !!!! Hope your mother has a wonderful and joyous birthday!!!!


  7. Kelli Visconti

    What a sweet post to your mom. I love the family photos!!! I see in the one picture that you had red hair! I’m sure your mom feels so special to have a whole post dedicated to her. How precious.


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