15 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Maggy

    Thank you for declaring the steadfast glories of God, as we embark on another brand new year. May we behold Isaiah’s vision and remember throughout 2016 that God doesn’t pace, He ‘sits’ on His throne because He alone is Sovereign.


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  3. Nancy Raymond

    Happy, blessed New Year, Marcia! Your expression is priceless! Remember, the year may change But God never does! His promises are true today & He will keep every one of them! Remain in His Word & allow the Word to abide in you! Thank you for sharing God-given insights throughout the year & proclaiming God’s Truth. God is always Good! Holy! Worthy! Steadfast! Love you! 💖Nancy

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  4. Sue Banks

    Since worrying is like a rocking chair, it’ll give me something to do, but won’t get me anywhere. I will cast my anxiety upon Him who cares for me. 1 Peter 5:7

    Happy New Year Marcia! Sue Banks

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  5. Buffy

    Thank you Marcia. Amen that God is ever present and steadfast. Especially during these tense times with a change in political leadership and unrest around the world. Love our Holy Father, Love your beautiful message and Love seeing you deliver it personally (as you did in BSF). You look great and I pray that God meets you and your family this 2016 where you need Him most!

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  6. Lisa peterson

    Happy new year Marcia..loved seeing you and hearing your message. What a great message to all. Finishing reading Imagine Heaven. I think it is great read but certainly causes you to really think and re evaluate your life. The common thread is just what you said in your video He knows all but loves us unconditionally. Much love my friend

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