“Come and Talk With Me.”


To whom does your heart cry out, “Come and talk with me.” We long to talk with people we love but it seems there is always too little time and too many distractions so too few words actually get spoken. What would we give to have the undivided attention of the person we want to chat with the most? How many opportunities have we wasted?

How many evenings have slowly crept by while we sat staring at the television even as the person we desperately want to talk with is sitting just inches away? What is it that keeps us from turning toward him or her and saying hello? Come and talk with me.

We screen our calls and click “ignore” then send a quick text, “Will call you back.” Then we forget, because our lives are too busy for distractions like conversation. Come and talk with me.

We scroll through our social media newsfeeds and smile, click ‘like’ and then walk away lonely. We know everything about everyone, but no one knows us. Come and talk with me.

We say things we regret. We build walls with the bricks of misunderstanding and then allow them stand. It is harder to tear down the wall than it is to reach out to the people we love – our parents, siblings, cousins, friends, and yes, our spouses. Come and talk with me.

Then it is too late, death, time or distance take their toll and words that we desperately wanted to say will never be spoken.

Oh what we would give to have one more moment, one more chance to come and talk; to offer that apology, to ask for and extend forgiveness or to just say, “I love you”.

Have we forgotten how to sit and talk with each other? Have we forgotten how to take a few minutes out of our busyness and connect with another person? Have we forgotten how good it feels after a long “catch-up-chat” with a spouse, child, friend, sibling or parent?

Come” – approach me, sit next to me, be near me; I’m available and I long to spend a little time with you. I have prepared a nice place to sit and a cool drink just for you.

Talk” – speak to me of the things that are in your heart, the things that occupy your thoughts, the things that are important to you, the things that worry you, or the things that bring you joy.

With me” – together, by my side, you will have all of my undivided attention. I will turn the TV off, silence my phone, lay aside the tablet, turn off the computer, silence the buzzers and timers and focus on you.

If we truly enjoy the refreshment of coming and sitting and talking with people we love, why do we let so much time go between conversations? Why do we let so much time lapse between conversations with God?

“My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’”– Psalm 27:8a (NLT)

We know this is true; we know when our hearts have heard the voice of God calling, “Come and talk with me.” But what does that mean?

It means that God, the Creator and sustainer of all things, wants to spend time with us. The King of Heaven’s Armies wants us to come and sit for a while and talk with him. The High and Lofty one wants us to rise up and pour our hearts out to him while he listens.

Yes, God listens! How magnificent is that – Almighty God listens to you and to me! Even though he rules the universe he is not distracted when we come and talk with him; we always have his undivided attention.

There is no special formula for talking with God — simply find a place to pause in your busy life and start chatting with your Friend, your best Friend, the One who knows everything there is to know about you and still loves you and wants to spend time with you.

When God calls what could possibly be more important? TV? Laundry? Video games? Facebook? Pride? He has prepared a place for us to sit and he has prepared refreshment for us – God has! Imagine how good it must be!

My heart has heard you say, ‘Come and talk with me.’     And my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.’” Psalm 27:8 (NLT)

God is calling out, “Come and talk with me.” Will you respond today, “Lord, I am coming.” Will you go and sit with God this morning?

5 thoughts on ““Come and Talk With Me.”

  1. We build walls with bricks of misunderstanding – and no one knows and understands me like God. How precious that He does listen, He wants to listen as no one else can. Human relationships are so hard because we do not understand like He does. Thank you for this reminder to Come and talk.


    1. You are so welcome! Thank you for this truth, “we do not understand like he does”. If only we trusted his understanding more, perhaps we would come and talk with him more 💕


  2. Beverly Brewer

    We are so lucky to live in a free country.
    soli deo Gloria
    [to God be the glory, great things he has done]


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