A Week In The Life Of A Mom

I love being a mom. Every stage of motherhood has it’s tough times, and it also has its rewards. But, oh, how quickly our days can pass.

On Monday morning, I loved being a mom to a newborn baby. I could have snuggled him all day long, touching his soft skin, running my fingers through the silky smoothness of his hair, and smelling that beautiful smell that only a newborn has.

But, there was so much to do that sitting all day was not an option. There was laundry and diapers and feedings and taking care of a household. Yet, when I put him down for his nap, I couldn’t stop looking at the miracle of him. I had to force myself out of the bedroom.

I love being a mom. By Monday afternoon, my tiny bundles had grown into toddlers and they were off and running. I kissed skinned knees, disciplined disobedience, metered out TV time, and snuggled before bed. I laughed as we played legos and trucks, learned to ride tricycles and big-wheels, and I treasured the sticky peanut-butter-and-jelly-kisses they gave me when we played horsey in the living room.

But there was much to do and playing all day was not an option. By evening, when I tucked my little guys in, the cribs were gone, and they were so proud of their big-boy-beds. I could sing the lullabies beside the bed this time, they didn’t need to be rocked any more.

I love being a mom on Tuesday. First one kindergartner was so big walking to his first day of school, and then the other so soon on his brother’s heel. It was hard to say good-bye and I cried all the way home. Oh, my, what would I do without them with me all day? Were they prepared for all the world would show them? Had I done all that I could or should do to get them ready? How would I know?

On Tuesday afternoon, I discovered that I love being a mom to bike-riding, basketball shooting, baseball hitting, golf swinging, never-in-the-house always-on-the-go grade-schoolers. I marveled at their energy, intelligence, zest for life, curiosity about everything, and love of learning. How could I be so blessed?

On Tuesday evening, my young men didn’t need any more good-night songs. Their kisses were quick and on the cheek when they came in from wherever they’d been before they ran up to bed on their own. But, I love being their mom, I always will. I can’t believe how fortunate I am to watch them grow up.

I love being a mom. How did Wednesday get here so fast? My sons are driving to school and to work after school. They’re  rarely home, but when they are, I can’t stop looking at them. They are so handsome now. Their voices have changed, their feet have grown, and their soft little faces are scratchy. I love to lay in bed and listen to the ping-pong competitions in the basement till the wee hours, and the smell of pizza when they decide they need a snack in the middle of the night.

I love being a mom. My college students came home on Wednesday afternoon and hugged me like they hadn’t seen me in months, maybe because they hadn’t. But there was never a day I didn’t think about them, or pray for them. They are so busy finding their way, have I shown them the right path? Have I prayed enough? Did I teach them sufficiently?

Wednesday night I was in bed long before either got home. They surely don’t need me waiting up for them anymore. They have so many plans, so many dreams. My sons, all grown up, so strong, so brave, so courageous. I love being a mom.

I love being a mom. On Thursday, my sons woke up in their own apartments. What a privilege to watch them find their way, to watch from the front row as they begin careers, and then to share in the joy and wonder as they fall in love and make plans for the rest of their lives.

Thursday afternoon my son got married, and before I could blink the other did, too. I love being a mom to married men. Now I have daughters to love and to share life with. My sons are now husbands and have responsibilities all their own. They still kiss and hug me when we get together, but I am no longer the number one woman in their lives. I am fine with that, I love being a mother-in-law.

I love being a grandmother! On Thursday evening, my son’s and their beautiful wives had families of their own. How can it be that I am so blessed to have more sweet faces to kiss, more newborns to smell, more beautiful heads of silky hair to stroke. My world is circling around. Oh, how I love watching my sons hold their babies, my heart is about to burst. I love being a mom.

By Thursday night, there were five grandbabies that I get to sing lullabies and rock to sleep. I love being a mom to men with children. What a blessing to know that my sons are following the Lord and are leading their families to follow Jesus as well.

I love being a mom, I love the sounds of a full house on a Friday morning when we can all get together, the overflow of toys from the cabinet, the laughter, the challenge of little cousins trying to keep up with big cousins and the sweet harmony of all the voices sharing life and love together. I could sit and stare at these precious faces all day; I can’t keep from gazing on the beauty of my adult sons and their families.

But there is much to do, it’s Friday afternoon, and life is flying by. How can the week pass by so quickly? How can my little infant sons be grown men? How can I not feel any different? They are now, and always will be, my precious little babies. I will always see their sweet faces, smell their newborn aroma, and feel the silkiness of their baby hair in my memories. I love being a mom. I love being their mom.

The love and wonder I felt when they were born still overwhelms me. I haven’t lost a bit of the joy, the happiness, or the pleasure of holding them as babies. I will always feel the comfort of holding their hands as they learned to walk, and the wonder of letting go as they took off on their own.

And, on Sunday evening, when I stand before God, I will praise him and say, “Thank you for letting me be a mom! It has been the most precious gift.”

Happy Mother’s Day to my sons! You are my gift! Happy Mother’s Day to all moms everywhere.

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6 thoughts on “A Week In The Life Of A Mom

  1. MB

    What a beautiful post this was. I am also a proud mom of two handsome boys and you did a fine job of explaining what it feels to be a mom to them. I pray every night to bring them home safely when they are out and guide them throughout the day to make the right decisions. Happy Mother’s Day and thank you for this, made my day! Maria B


  2. Sandy Carlson

    Wonderfully said Marcia! Yes the time flies by all to quickly! I loved being a mom and still do and I love being a grandmother to our growing family. Thank you for all the wonderful reminders of what it’s like to be a mom and a mother in-law and a grandma too!

    Liked by 1 person

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