Well Done, Brian! Well Done!

linked in headshot 2Today is Brian’s last day of work; he is retiring from the corporate world… again. OK, so the first time didn’t ‘take’, but now that he’s practiced once, maybe he’ll get the hang of it and stick it out!

Brian, I feel like I should be doing something huge to mark this occasion. I should have planned a big party. I should have invited all your co-workers from across the decades and states to come and celebrate your career(s). But you didn’t want that; that’s not your style – you aren’t comfortable being the center of attention. So I won’t put you on the spot… well… maybe I will… just a little.

Your career has taken us from Bowling Green, OH to Champaign, IL to Melrose, MN to Beaver Dam, WI to Fort Wayne, IN, to Springfield, MO, and finally here, Grayslake, IL. With every promotion we moved to a new town, a new church, new schools, and new friends.

We knew that God was using your career to direct our path and take us where He could both mold us and use us for His glory. And we knew that you were following God, so we were not afraid to follow you. It wasn’t always easy. It often came with sad good-byes, bucketsful of tears and sleepless nights, but it always turned out that God took us just where we needed to be.

“I will bless the Lord who guides me; even at night my heart instructs me. I know the Lord is always with me.” – Psalm 16:7 NLT

Wherever we landed, you saw to it that the boys and I got plugged in. When I was whiny and complained that I didn’t have any friends, you challenged me to make friends. And I did. You gave me the freedom to use the gifts that God had given me to serve Him in whatever capacity He called me. And I did. You encouraged all of us to send our roots down deep, even if we knew it was a temporary transplant. And we did.

You were never so busy at work that you didn’t have time for our family. You planned and executed family vacations with perfection. You coached Little League baseball and YMCA basketball. If it was at all possible, you never missed a game the boys played. And, you always made sure the neighborhood kids were included in your made-up backyard competitions. Sometimes I think I heard “Can Brian come out to play?” as often as “Can Danny/Bobby come out to play?”

Brian, you worked hard our entire married life to provide for us, and afford me the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom. I am truly blessed by your willingness to do without the material things a second income would have allowed. I know there are things both of us would do differently if we could turn back the clock, but I also know that should you face God today, He would say:

“Well done, my good and faithful servant. You have been faithful in handling this small amount, so now I will give you many more responsibilities. Let’s celebrate together!” – Matthew 25:23 NLT

I can’t wait to see what God has for us next! Good job, Bri!

Brian at South Haven copy

14 thoughts on “Well Done, Brian! Well Done!

  1. Maria Bielat

    Marcia, I’m so happy to have worked wirh Brian. Not only was he our boss, but also our mentor, our “ear” to hear all of us vent and our motivator when we were challenged and we couldn’t see the light at the end if the tunnel. Brian is a great leader that shares his knowledge with everyone. We all learned plenty from him, especially me.

    He will be missed but we know he’s a phone call/email away. I feel like I can tackle anything life brings. I have to thank Brian for helping me build tha confidence I questioned at times, whether it was at work or my faith.

    Thank you for being the best boss!!! Enjoy your retirement.

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  2. Bev Brewer

    It’s so easy to be a stay at home mom. People sure do make it sound hard.Just like being a christian. But some people make it sound so hard. Enjoy Marcia. Keep on with the blog.
    soli deo gloria
    [to God be the glory, great things he has done]

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  3. lisa peterson

    Could not have said this any better. We will be in this situation soon and your words resonate with me as we “start over again”. Dave and Brian are cut from the same mold and I think I could just copy and paste this if I had to write something for him.

    I always said to Dave that Brian managed his career with his “soul” and that is what made him a huge success. The best to you and Brian as you start this journey again. You can visit NC and there is always a room for all of you.


  4. Sandy Carlson

    Congratulations Brian, for a job well done in every area of your life, according to your loving wife Marcia who knows you well. Also, congratulations to you Marcia for being an encouragement to Brian and so many others, like me for so many years. You are still encouraging us with your wonderful blog and through your prayers and friendship.
    I can relate to you and your many moves with your husbands career changes, since we’ve lived in 7 states, a few of them twice as Dick worked for 5 corporations. I’ve enjoyed nearly every move and the experience has been a benefit to us as a family, God has been faithful to us during our 48 years of marriage. I have come to realize my real, permanent, perfect home is in Heaven with Him!

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  5. Sue Arms

    Faith, family, work – in that order. This was what Brian shared with his HR team when he first came into a new role in one of Kraft’s business units. It was truly a blessing to have a leader/manager who operated with such integrity, authenticity, and wisdom – especially in challenging situations! Our team knew at the time, and after we all went separate ways, that Brian created a work environment that was something special and unique. Thank you, Brian, for your leadership and friendship over the years! May God bless you and your family with many wonderful surprises in the coming months!

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  6. Janet Redeker

    Brian, What do you mean you are retiring again??? You are not even old enough!!! I am sure you will be doing something else in the near future!! You were a very smart guy even when you were very small. You were talking full sentences at a very young age! You stayed with GMa Sinclair when you were barely 3 if that. She asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up and to her shock you said, “Well either a fireman or a dog catcher. But if I am a dog catcher, I will positively have to have a mustache!” So, I guess now Brian you can grow a mustache and become a dog catcher!!! LOL I am so proud of you and your family. As Uncle Bob’s book stated, our Sinclair clan crest is COMMIT THY WORK TO GOD!! I think GPas offspring has done a pretty good job doing this. God bless you both in your lives ahead!! ♥ your cuz

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